Carla Le Guen was born and raised in the south of France until the age of thirteen, when she moved to the contemporary melting pot of the world: Miami, Florida. There she began to develop her photographic muscle and artistic direction.


Inspired by timeless images like VOGUE’s black and white “Trash Glam” style, she accessed a way to “Keep the moment alive” as she describes it, by creating photos which convey emotions unable to be perceived by the naked eye, but only through the lens. 


She captures her subjects, as a visual narrator, Seeking to tell a story about the model, the city, the atmosphere, or a moment in time which can never be replicated, but instead kept forever, transcending through the eye of the beholder, who is able to interpret her photographs with their own perspectives and convictions.

Today, She resides in Barcelona, Spain. A city of authentic nature, which has gifted her it’s muse. Here, she completes her own projects, as well as collaborating and consulting for other artists and entities.